Ever since I was a small child, I have loved to draw and paint. In fact, when I was 6 years old an artist visiting our home was so impressed with a piece of my work proudly hung on our fridge, that he copied the name and image and called it his own! My mother was not impressed and he quickly became persona non grata in our home.


My first foray into painting was inspired by the work of Canadian artist Molly Lamb. Like her, I used watercolour to create simple yet beautiful landscapes and florals. When a friend gave me her old oil paint kit, I took my work to larger canvases. I loved oil but lacked the patience and the budget required so I turned to acrylic, trying to get the same effect. A visit to a local gallery introduced me to encaustic. For years I yearned to try this process of using pigmented wax with heat and mixed media to create works of stunning beauty. Finally, I found a studio in Dunrobin, Ontario where I could give it a try. I was hooked! This process has allowed me to venture into another level with my painting and I am always amazed at the final result. Each piece feels like an adventure, never quite sure where you'll end up.


My love of travel comes from my father who used to lug his Rand McNally Atlas out after dinner and have us join him around the dining room table where we would map out real or imagined trips around the world. His passion for exploration became mine and I have passed it down to my children. As a result, we make every effort to get on a plane and visit somewhere different as often as possible. I teach my kids to let go of material things and use their money and their passion to travel and discover more about other cultures. Ultimately, I believe, it is the best learning experience and like myself, will give them empathy for how others live. I encourage them to see the world outside of their day to day lives.


My mother shared her love and compassion for animals. Hence I have tried to raise my voice when possible for their causes. I am a strong believer in their rights and their ability to think and feel. This belief has made me an advocate for their welfare.  


As a graduate, with honours, from the school of hard knocks, the obstacles I have overcome, have allowed me start a family, nurture a career in event planning, communications and marketing, paint and when time and budget allow, travel. I am grateful for the places life has taken me geographically, physically and emotionally. It hasn't always been an easy road but it certainly has taught me a lot.


As my children grow and mature, I look forward to watching where life will take them.  I will try my best to lead by example, pursuing interesting career opportunities with determination, investing a little more time and effort in my painting and hoping to do it all with passion and integrity. 

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Whitney Zelmer